The race results and 5 months plant based

Happy post-New Year, everybody! One of my biggest resolutions this year was to continue my quest as a vegan, attempt to beat my old race times, and place better at the next natural bodybuilding show. Well, the first goal of beating my last 12-hour race time at the Run Like the Wind race went extremely well. It is run on a one-kilometer wood chip trail, and your laps are counted by an electronic sensor. I actually signed up for the 24-hour race this time. I not only beat my 12-hour race time by two kilometers but went on to win the 24-hour race. It started on Saturday at 10:30 am and ended on Sunday at 10:30 am. I felt great most of the time with no urge to take a break. I just ran and power walked till the clock ran out. There was a discrepancy on the lap counts, so I did not realize until the next day that I was just one lap away from breaking the course record! Next year I plan to crush it.

Currently I’m gearing up for the last big race of my self-imposed season. It’s called the Rocky Raccoon 100 and will be held in Huntsville, Texas, on February 2. I took a solid recovery after my last race, focusing more on weight training. My weight lifting has been great between training runs, except that I’m struggling to make solid lifting records. This is probably because my caloric consumption has been slightly lower and my sleep has frequently been under seven hours a night. I’m sure that all of the running has sapped my caloric banks as well. I am being very diligent about getting enough protein, and my muscle mass has stayed intact as my body fat has decreased. I’m loving the NutroFusion protein powder right now. I am stuck at work a lot and sometimes forget to pack enough food. This stuff mixes really well and tastes like chocolate milk.

                                                     Right after 115.32 miles. A little dehydrated but still cocky

Something I’ve read about vegan athletes is that their creatine consumption is much lower than that of a meat-eating athlete. Creatine is a molecule that is manufactured in the body from three amino acids. It’s essential to producing ATP, which is responsible for muscle contraction. Natural bodybuilders commonly supplement their diets with creatine as I have in the past, but have not since my vegan adventure. It will be interesting to see if my lifting improves after adding creatine to my diet again and dedicating my full resources to weight lifting for the Naturally Fit Super Show on July 26 and 27. Either way, the running is great–and most importantly, I’m really happy that no more animals are being harmed by my appetite or lifestyle.

This experiment was to dedicate myself to a plant-based diet for one year, but I now feel sure that I will never eat an animal product again for ethical reasons, no matter how my performance is affected. I feel sorry for the creatures I have harmed in the past and now have a desire to improve the lives of these living beings from this point forward. My life sure has improved  since this plant-based decision.

photo (2)

If you’re interested in transitioning to plant-based eating, my girlfriend, Christy Morgan (AKA The Blissful Chef), has a one-month wellness program that is designed for this purpose. For more info check out  Wellnessreboot .com. Here’s to eating and lifting like a gorilla!!


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