Making it happen

Our 2014 PlantBuilt team succeeded for our second year, winning a total of 12 1st place trophies and two Pro-cards (the best of the best), proving how a vegan diet can easily compare and improve on an omnivorous diet. We were a group of 31 vegans going up against 150+ omnivore competitors, so our team definitely drove our point home. I took first place in the Masters bodybuilding and 2nd in the Masters physique divisions. This was the first time I have won my class at a bodybuilding event. It was also a special moment for me being able to tell the audience (through the MC’s microphone) how my motivation was “no longer for myself, but the animals who have no voice.”  

The Oct issue of Vegan Health & Fitness Magazine has a more specific run-down of the details.


  Dorking out after winning my Division in Masters Bodybuilding

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