More indoor rowing success

I had such a great time at the Naturally Fit Super show, winning my class, and getting to see our PlantBuilt team do such an amazing job showing the audience and other competitors how a vegan diet can create amazing, show winning physiques. Now, it was time to continue my quest up the indoor rowing ranks.




Me at a scrappy, but more competitive weight of 165 pounds 


The concept 2 rower has now been the main focus of my gym workout. My girlfriend Brenda has also gained interest in this sport, so I officially have a training partner. I decided to continue my diet from the last bodybuilding show (when I weighed about 176 pounds) to a new goal weight of 165 pounds in order to compete in the light weight division, managing to hold the seasons world best time in the heavyweights for about two weeks in my age class, but know I will be a lot more competitive in this new Lightweight class. I’m currently 1st in the 1000 in the world at any age group (I’m now 46 years of age). The world record at this distance for my age group is 2:59, and I am currently at 3:09.2, so I still have a bit of work to do.




The Lightweight 500 meter distance is where I seem to be more competitive. I’m currently 2nd in the world at any age and just 1 second away from beating the world record in my age class set in 2009 by an olympic silver medalist. I beat this time by .3 of a second when I weighed 172 pounds, but have been gaining my power back since making the lightweight class.





I’m really looking forward to getting this 500 meter record, so I can start getting my body mass back for another round of heavy gym lifting. Yippie!! Looks like I will be moving to Miami with Brenda and Vegan Health and Fitness Magazine in February! also, in England for a 9 day (969 mile) bike ride, speaking at some UK Veg-Fests along the way in April as well. Yay!!  Bring it!! Vegan Power!!!

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