Moving back to Austin, Texas and reuniting with my gym’s rowing machine

Working as and editor and photographer at Vegan Health & Fitness magazine, I travel a bit. Brenda Carey, the editor in chief as well as my awesome girlfriend just got back to my hometown of Austin Texas after a long 1250 mile drive from our apartment in Miami Beach Florida where we spent the last 8 months creating articles of amazing athletes there. After arriving at my place here in Austin and getting some quality sleep, I was eager to use the Concept2 rowing machine at my old gym across the street. I have been very close to a world record in the 500 meter distance (actually breaking the record by a decent margin in a heavier weight class). I finished 2nd last year at this distance in the world at any age (I’m 46 years young), and am currently in 2nd this year.

Concept2’s online ranking system compiles the rowing times and distances from rowing teams all over the world, so I am definitely playing with the big boys when I rank with these guys! Concept 2 recently added a new time (1 minute and 4 minute) and  distance (100 meters) to their site and I was eager to take these shorter, more explosive challenges on.


Just rowing 100 meters in 15 seconds flat to place first in the world at ANY age in the world (I’m 46) Vegan Power!!!

Yesterday I ranked 1st in the world in the 1 minute time with 367 meters and, today, ranked 1st in the 100 meter distance in 15.0 seconds and 4 minute time (all three placements are for ALL all age groups)!

Guess it’s time to attempt a new 500 meter world record soon.


Completing my first dead lift “Selfie” picture! I had just 10 seconds to push the self timer and pick up 395 pounds ( my heaviest lift this year).

Looks like all of the Deadlifts, Leg presses and upright rows at the gym over the past 28 years has paid off!

I have lifted weights and rowed for the last three days and feel terrific!

the healing process is so much faster since I have become vegan over 3.5 years ago. I can now run, row and lift weights more frequently, making improvements faster

Update: Just broke my Deadlift PR of 385 pounds for 3 reps, 365 pounds for 7 reps and finishing with 315 for 16!

Life is good when you are vegan!

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