Over the next 9 months I will compete in the same races I did as a meat-eater and compare the results. I will also do the Natural Bodybuilding Show that I received 3rd place in last year. Below are my stats for those competitions. I think I can do better on a plant-based diet but only time will tell!

Update: this experiment yielded great results! I won my 12 hour race, with a longer distance traveled, took 35 minutes off of my 100 race, and placed higher at my bodybuilding show (2nd place instead of 3rd). I have continued to reap the benefits of a plant based diet by defending my 24 hour title and becoming a competitive indoor rowing athlete, winning the Erg Rodeo.

A) Dec 2010 Run Like The Wind 12 Hour race 60.76 miles

B) Feb 2011 Rocky Raccoon 100 mile race time: 23 Hr 10 min

C) 2011 Southwestern Natural Bodybuilding Show 3rd Place men masters bodybuilding

Since converting to a plant based diet

A) Dec 2012 Run Like The Wind 12 and 24 hour race 62 miles in 12 hours and continued running for a 24 hour victory of 115.32 miles  (One lap under the course record).

B) Feb 2013 Rocky Raccoon 100 mile race time: 22 Hr 35 min (35 minutes faster than my 2011 time)

C) Naturally fit super show (formerly the Southwestern natural bodybuilding show) 2nd place in mens masters bodybuilding, 2nd place in mens masters physique.

Other bodybuilding shows

April 13, 2013 MRI Texas shredder:

    2nd place in masters bodybuilding

    3rd place in masters physique
April 27, 2013 INBF Drop Zone:
    2nd place open bodybuilding
    2nd place masters bodybuilding
    2nd place men’s open physique

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