Hello folks! My name is Austin Barbisch and I have been a personal trainer and massage therapist since 1996. The purpose of this blog is mainly to pass on information that I have acquired through my experience as a personal trainer, competitive natural bodybuilder and ultra-marathoner. I feel that everyone is beautifully different in the structural forms they hold, but I also feel that there are general rules that apply to most people. I will give information about what the average healthy person needs as well as the athlete trying to gain muscle, endurance or both.

I will be answering questions that have been frequently asked by my friends and clients such as:Austin Barbisch

* How much protein do I need?
* How much and what types of carbohydrates should I have?
* When should I eat for training and /or weight loss?
* How much sleep do I need?
* How often should I workout?
* When I weight train should I work different body parts throughout the week?
* How should I set up my own home gym?

and many more!

I will be experimenting on myself as well. Over the last few years I have competed in many natural bodybuilding shows and ran a 12 hour ultra and 100 mile race (along with many half and full marathons). I will switch to all plant-based protein by the end of Aug 2012 and compete in these same activities over the next year. Visit the Competitions page for last years results and we’ll compare my times in the upcoming show and races. Of course there are many factors that can affect results (temperature, humidity, who shows up), but this is going to be fun as hell anyway! Thanks for reading and I hope you stay with me through this journey.

4 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Hi Austin,
    Just received the latest issue of Vegan Health and Fitness, and thrilled to see you on the cover! I’m the rower featured last summer along with my husband, Charlie Hamlin. We’ve both won CRASH-Bs (me in 2000) and would be happy to offer any assistance we can. Please be in touch, as I’d love to connect with more vegan athletes and rowers especially to help spread the inspiring word. We live just west of Boston, and train at Cambridge Boat Club on the Charles. I’m still struggling with making a full competitive comeback after that cancer treatment, which has been really frustrating (about 8% down, so 90 seconds over the Head course) but am hopeful about doing so eventually. Looking forward very much to meeting you at some point, and happy training,

    • Hello Ellen!! It is such an honor to hear from you. You and your husband have done incredible work on the water as well as a remarkable contribution to promote vegan health and protect the beautiful beings used for our food, clothing and entertainment. I would love to visit your rowing club sometime soon. I’m on a team at the Austin Rowing Center, and train 2-3 times a week on the water, but am absolutely addicted to the erg. I must have a sick desire for pain that this machine offers up in spades :). Your continued recovery from cancer is very inspirational as is your drive to continue your domination in rowing for the animals. I feel the same type of compassionate love run through me when I’m weight training, running or rowing as well. Vegan-powers-united!!! Yay!!

      • BTW, I am focusing on the erg 500 (recent PR’s 1:25.4) and (1000 PR 3:07.4) right now, but am still rowing super painful 2000’s (6:45.2). I have a bodybuilding show in 3.5 weeks that I am dieting down for, but want to continue losing weight till I dip below the 165 pound LW category, where I will be much more competitive, as long as I keep my times close. Just 1.9 seconds away from the 500 meter LW world record. I know this is a lot of time to shed from a 500, but think it is possible. I’m also really looking forward to getting my blade work down, so I can get this power into the water efficiently. That’s going to be a large work in progress :). I hope you and Charlie have a super day full of love and awesome rowing! Congratulations again on your amazing feats.

      • Hello Austin!! And what an honor and pleasure to hear back! I’m inspired by your motivation and goals. Do feel free to contact us directly and personally any time: you have our emails, and we can provide phone and address as you wish. Of course we’d be all too happy to help in any way, on site here in Boston. With blade work too, but that’s a never-ending work in progress, trust us 🙂
        I love RIch Roll’s closing: Peace. Plants.

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